2015: the year of the baby bike trailer

One baby later, I’m getting back on the bike: slowly and infrequently (compared to the baby-free glory days, anyway!) but this year I’m hoping to get out bit more by virtue of being able to take H along too, thanks to the purchase of a Burley D’Lite trailer. We’ve been out and about on a couple of rides already – and I need to come back to those at some point to share the details but for now I’m busying myself on this dark, dreary day (while H naps in a sling on my back!) with some plannng. Planning rides for this year is interesting: having the trailer means a whole other approach to route planning, plus I’ve promised J that I won’t go on the road while towing H, so my route need to be almost entirely traffic free (bar the odd unavoidable crossing or other short connection – which must allow me to ride on the path. It’s a good challenge and, since it involves staring at maps, one I’m happy to rise to. More coming soon.. but for now here are a few routes I’m investigating:

  • New Mills to Hayfield on the Sett Valley Trail – perhaps starting in the village by the station rather than the leisure centre?
  • Marple – a route along the Peak Forest Canal – perhaps to Hyde Bank Tea Rooms and back?
  • Ladybower circuit. Obviously not on the Screaming Mile (!) but a nice loop at reservoir level. One for warmer, drier weather, I think.
  • Something along the Londgendale Trail?

Prerequisites are:

  • Traffic free
  • Wide enough for a trailer
  • Accessible for a trailer?
  • Midway cafe stop!!

Thinking caps on folks!


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