Who am I and why am I here?

We have plans. Big plans. One of them will, in future, require that I turn my considerable talents (ahem) to something a little more “free” (and therefore, risky) than my current setup, so the challenge I’ve set myself this year is to become a better writer. Tech writing is my trade. Writing is something I’ve always loved and something that, once upon a time, I dreamed I would make a living from. Okay, so I kind of do that with tech writing, but data sheets and technical manuals? They pay the bills, but there has to be more.

So I’m blogging. And to kick of the year I’m following the Blogging 101 classes, because I like structure and I am sure I will learn something useful. Plus it will encourage me to write. So here I write.

What will I be doing with this blog? Well, if I can stick at it, maybe it will evolve. For now, I just want to write about the things that I love, rant about a few things I don’t love so much, and try to put some information out there that could be of use to someone else. You need a cafe in Lancashire? Maybe I’ve been to one and reviewed it? Does it have cycle parking? I’ll tell you if it it has. You’re thinking of riding with your little one and don’t know where to start? I’ve spent the last 12 months chewing on that one, so maybe I can save you a little time by pointing you in one of the many directions. You want to get our and ride with your mates, but don’t know where to start? Been there, done that – and there are so many places to ride, so maybe I can help. You used to ride every day and now you’re a mom your bike(s) have forgotten what you look like. Well, you’re in good company – so let’s get our shit together and get out to ride. Those are just some of the things I might (or might not) grace your screens with. I guess it’s quite a lofty plan, given that with not content none of the things I write will be indexed particularly – so will just be flapping around in the blogosphere miles and miles from even the most earnest Google search. But I’m an optimist. And maybe, just maybe, Blogging 101 will teach me something to rectify that. Or not. Either way, I’m blogging. Who’s along for the ride??


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