Back in the WordPress saddle

Oh dear. It’s been so long since I had time to sit down and write a blog post. So many things have been getting in the way! I have a bunch of drafts to post – mostly no more than interesting links I intended to comment on and never got around to doing – and some new ideas for things to write about. I was really enjoying the Blogging 101 course that I started and although I don’t regret not finishing it (I would have if I could have!) it would have been nice to make it through to the end – and then to keep it up! I don’t like making resolutions as I find they set me up to fail, but I am going to place a line in the sand and resolve to aim for one blog post a week from now on. Even if it’s just an, “oh boy, I’m far too busy to blog” kinda post, well that’s still a post, right? I wonder, is anybody still out there?

That’s the WordPress side of things. As for the bike, the yoga? I confess, it’s been a lackluster performance since my last (ancient) post. I have been out cycling quite a few times, starting to get some fitness back but the weather is just so horrible! I used to be out in all weathers but now, waking to a grey sky filled with rain after a night of interrupted sleep with a restless and fidgeting toddler, it’s easier to stay in bed than get out and ride. I keep seeing old guys out there and think to myself, that will be me. When my toddler is grown up and living her own life, I will have all the time in the world to ride. For now, on a miserable, non-summer mornings like the ones we’ve been having lately, I’m living in the moment and choosing snuggles and a few extra hours of shut-eye. It’s the new (slightly broken version of) me 🙂

As far as yoga goes, I’m doing a bit now and again – usually with the “help” of my toddler, so it’s a far cry from a focused 1-hour Ashtanga session of old, but it’s still yoga and it’s quite funny dropping into plank from a sun salutation and kissing the head of the toddler who’s sprawled on the mat trying everything she can to interrupt me. She always wins in the end but I do what I can until the sabotage steps up a level or two. One of the sweet things about practicing with her is that she’s getting to know the names of the poses. She’s getting pretty good at downward dog, reaches up to the sky when I say “let’s do some yoga” and also trots off to get out the mat when I suggest it. What can I say? She’s a cutie.

Something I am getting into is kettlebells. On my last US trip for work a colleague who’s heavily into strength training asked me when I was going to get into it too, knowing as he did how much I was into cycling/fitness etc. At the time I thought he was mad but now I’m time pressed this weights malarky seems like a really good use of my time. Squats are my new best friend and kettlebells are my new favourite accessory. I’ve been doing FitnessBlender’s beginner kettlebell workout and it rocks! 30 minutes and I know I had a workout: way better than dragging my tired arse out on a bike in the rain or lugging my tired legs up the hill for a “run” – also in the rain. It seems like a smart way to keep fit and fits with my goals of keeping some fitness while also hiding inside from this most unimpressive British summer.

See? I only popped in to start the ball rolling and three paragraphs later, here I am!


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