Back to fitness

And so it begins. I’m now on Week 2 Day 4 of the 12-week diastis recti recovery fitness programme. So far, so good. Results-wise it’s far too early to tell, but I think I am starting to feel some small improvements in my posture (feeder’s hunch, anyone?) and I’m much stronger in the walking front, almost up to 10,000 steps without any disastrous after effects.

The programme is definitely easing me back in. I’m surprised how weak I feel doing some of the exercises so am grateful for that! 

I did break my own golden rule and went on the scales. I don’t know why. I justified it as wanting a baseline to track progress on this programme – at least as a before and after and to ensure that I’m not gaining in the interim. I think I avoided doing that for months after having DD, but for some reason I’m more impatient this time. Perhaps because I’ve already done it once!

Anyhoo, something I’m really looking forward to is the introduction of cardio in week 5. This specifies 30-60 minutes of running or spinning which, at first glance, I had no idea sounded pretty in achievable from a logistical perspective. But wait! James has okayed me setting up the turbo in the dining room instead of banishing me to the garage. Woo-hoo!!! Zwift gets closer by the day!


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