I ache everywhere – and it’s great

Today I ache and it’s brilliant! Sound crazy? Well, if you consider that for the best part of 6 months all I’ve been able to do is shuffle about, trying not to exacerbate my general level of discomfort by doing anything at all too strenuous, the fact that I am now well enough to tax any muscle group is, for me, a day to celebrate. And the culprit? I’m blaming Week 3 Day 1 of my programme, which dished up lunges and side lying leg lifts. The latter certainly presented a challenge. Have entire muscles withered away since baby #1 arrived two (plus) years ago? It certainly felt that way! Thankfully today is a “rest” day, where the prescribed exercise is walking. Phew. Instead I will throw my energy into eating well so that my body can recover ready for the next round, which means having this deelish Chicken and Chorizo meal for dinner tonight.


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