Cycle 1, done!

Today I made it through the first cycle of my recovery programme. After a rest day tomorrow I can get started on the second cycle. This means I’m starting to introduce weights and also some more intense cardio. I’m excited. I’m also impressed with just how much exercise its possible to get from simple body weight-only exercises. I guess I was already pretty fit when I was doing these types of exercises pre-pregnancy but coming to them from a place of relations of weakness I can really feel the burn. 

I’ve also bought myself a weighted hula hoop after reading a bit about it online. I think it’s in the porch ready for me to put it together and have a go. Apparently you can great results (hip, butt and tummy  toning) with just 10 minutes a day and, once you get good at it, it’s possible to do other things, like make phone calls, read, and write blog posts, while doing it. Even running, apparently! That sounds like my kind of multitasking! 


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