It’s still all about the hula

Spin it, baby! I’m really getting the hang of this hula hoop malarkey and love that I’m only ever aiming for 10 minute sessions. Things have been a bit mad so aiming for 10 minutes is manageable. In just a few weeks I’ve gone from being a complete hula novice to a full 10 minutes uninterrupted and am working on getting up to 10 minutes in the other direction too (anti-clockwise). It’s awesome! My other activities have fallen by the wayside somewhat – there may even be a think layer of dust settling on my kettle bells – but since I’m finding even these short hula sessions pretty physical it’s not bothering me.

And I really need to consider upping my step target to 10,000 again as I’m hitting and beating that most days now, which is great. I remember my pregnancy low was about 2,500 steps so it wan’t surprising I gained a bit of weight and felt miserable. I’m back on the move – yay!


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