Cycling Wish List

I still haven’t managed to get out and ride but things are looking up: DS will be one in just a few weeks and we move house around that time too, should be more settled and into something resembling a routine. I’m hoping that those two things will mean I can plan some bike rides back into my life. The same goes for exercise generally! It’s been too long. The kettlebells haven’t made it out of the (heavy) box they came in and because our Internet connection has been so ropey I haven’t had access to the kind of 10- or 20-minute YouTube workout I’d become slightly dependent on.

Instead I’ve contented myself with a fantasy list of bike rides. Some are hopefully going to be my new local loops. I’ve been busy on MapMyRide working out a few routes from the doorstep, in anticipation of both getting out on my road bike and heading into the hills with An for some off-road. I’m pretty excited!

But there are also bigger fish to fry. One of the reasons I’m so excited about being in France first and mainland Europe second is that there are so many long-distance paths that are safe for family rides. There are so many I want to do I’ll easily lose track of them all if I don’t keep a log somewhere, so I’ve added a page to the blog. So far I’ve got the two voie vert routes that are closest to me and one long distance path. There will definitely be more to follow!



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