A Big Shout out to..

It’s been a bit quiet here on the cycling front lately. We’ve done a few short hops with the trailer but nothing more adventurous. Meanwhile, back in the land of my pre-baby cycling friends, one my old cycling buddies, Ang, is about to set off on a humungous cycle adventure: cycling the TransContinental Race 2017 a self-supported ride which this year starts in Geraardsbergen, Belgium and ends in Meteora, Greece. There are four checkpoints along the way, all timed, so she has to not only navigate her own way, carrying everything she needs and dealing with any emergency unaided as it happens (and let’s hope it’s nicely uneventful) but also keep up the pace so she gets to each checkpoint in time. 

As well as being incredibly proud of her and excited for her, I’m looking forward to tracking her progress and enjoying some bike ride voyeurism. We’ve not been in touch that much since my little ones arrived and then of course we compounded that by moving away (I should add she moved away first – ner-ner ne ner-ner) and despite not being able to keep up with her any more I’ve always enjoy reading her about adventures as she gradually kept adding miles, miles, and yet more miles! first with local audax rides, then with an across-France adventure, and so it began…

So today she sets off with her loaded bike for the race start in Belgium and the start of one of the toughest on-road cycle races we have on this side of the Atlantic.

Ang, good luck, total respect for a) deciding to do it, b) training as hard as you have, and c) getting on and doing it!

I’ll be tracking your progress on the Trackleaders website as well as keeping an eye on your blog and sending good pedaling vibes your way!

Respect. You’re a legend!


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