Hey, thanks for dropping by! Here’s a little about me.

Basically, I’m a cyclist in recovery, post-baby. When I set up this blog I was all (and I mean, ALL) about the bike. I probably as fit as I’ve been and had a great summer of riding. I had ridden a couple of 24-hour MTB enduros, ticked off my first century ride on tarmac, qualified as a Bikeability trainer. I lived, breathed, and dreamed about bikes and cycling. In between I practiced yoga.

I credit yoga with much of my post-smoking recovery. It put me into a good space to take stock and helped me make good (better?) choices in my life. My first experience of yoga was Ashtanga (or “Power”) yoga, which is still my preference, despite my yoga teacher’s best efforts to get me to slow it down – although I am sucker for a good hip opener. Why Ashtanga? Because to work up a sweat, but also I find it much easier to focus in that space. I have a busy mind, usually, so the focus on movement led by the breath really helps me turn inwards.

Which leads me to stillness. On the bike, on the yoga mat, out in the hills, in the rain, wind or (just occassionally) sunshine, I’d say I’m at my best. I love being totally focused and in the moment. In fact one of the things I really struggled with during pregnancy was being able to get into that space when my head needed a declutter.

And that leads me to the other thing about me. I’m a new mum. It turns out I’m a fully-fledged, crunchy, baby-wearing kind of mum too, which isn’t what I was expecting at all. And that major change has also made me a new type of cyclist! Yes, a lazy one, but also one exploring new kinds of riding, new friends, new adventures!

I hope you enjoy reading about my adventures and explorations as I learn to juggle parenthood with my passions.


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