My hula hoop arrived and since then I’ve been aiming for about 10 minutes every other day, which in the real world translates to every three days or so.

A weighted hula hoop is somewhat different to those flimsy plastic things we all know from childhood. It’s quite a beast! I bought one that’s pitched as a “travel hoop”, coming, as it does, in eight parts that click together and can, in theory, be taken apart again.

The first few attempts were pretty rubbish. I think I managed maybe 7 or 8 rotations before the hoop clattered down onto my now slightly bruised feet. I’d keep at it for 10 minutes anyway and then try again in a couple of days. Then I managed 24 rotations, and that was my limit for a few attempts, then I made it to 39 and then I think something must have clicked because yesterday I managed 139!! And it definitely gives a good workout as I’m feeling it in my arms, lower back and hips the next day. Plus I’m still working on the diastasis recti recovery programme (Wk 6, Day 5), which is pretty squat-tastic, so all-in-all I’m starting to feel stronger and more like myself again.

In other milestones, DS was three months old and DD had her first proper ride on her balance bike on Sunday. We’re getting there.