Rain, rain, GO AWAY!!

Tomorrow it’s the Manchester Sky Ride and I’m very excited about it, as it’ll be the first time we all ride together! In the past I’ve ridden in and around on my own, meeting up with cycling buddies for the day but tomorrow we’re all going along and will meet some other friends with their little ones too. It’ll be fun!! I’m hoping it will go well as it will be J’s first ride since I modified his bike in attempt to improve his riding comfort by raising the handle bars using a stem extender. They’ve put a few extra inches raise on the front making him much more upright, which we know is more comfortable for him because he never has any problems riding all day long when we’ve visited Holland and hired a sit-up-and-beg-style classic bike.

Now all we need is this dreaded rain to stop. The forecast is good but that doesn’t seem to mean much these days.